Ruth Mott Report | Our Founder
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Ruth Rawlings Mott

1901 – 1999

Ruth Rawlings Mott (1901–1999) was raised in El Paso, Texas. Her father was a family practice physician who served those in need on both sides of the border. Her mother was a businesswoman, kindergarten teacher, and founder of the El Paso YWCA.

Ruth went east to study physical education, became a teacher in the Baltimore Friends School, and returned to El Paso to open her own dance studio. It was there that she met and married Charles Stewart Mott and then moved to his estate, Applewood, in Flint, Michigan. She became a mother, an active partner with her husband in the community, and prominent in her own right as a local leader, foundation trustee, and national philanthropist.

Mrs. Mott established the Ruth Mott Foundation as a means of extending the reach of her philanthropy beyond her lifetime with a continued presence in Flint.

Our Mission

The Ruth Mott Foundation’s mission is to advocate, stimulate, and support community vitality. Our commitment is to base the Foundation in its home community of Flint, Michigan.

Our Vision

The Foundation envisions communities of hope and pride, whose neighborhood environments and urban core are safe, attractive and healthy, enriched by cultural diversity and an engaged citizenry.

Our Values

Ruth Mott’s values and conduct inspire the Foundation to be welcoming, inclusive, and egalitarian; to treat everyone with respect and dignity, act with kindness and good humor, promote civic hope and pride, encourage personal responsibility, practice prevention, and maintain the “long view.”